Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life of a portrait artist...

I have a few pet peaves when it comes to sketching portraits from life.  Don't get me wrong, I love drawing people and chit chatting as I draw them.  For some reason total strangers will totally open up to me about their personal lives, and we become friends for that short period of time.  One thing however that really bugs me is bad manners.  Most of the time I can look past it, but yesterday really got my goat.  I was drawing singles of these 5 little kids.  They were beautiful children.  It was rather early in the morning so they were bleary eyed and sun burned from spending the day before in the pool.  Some fool put a food vending machine in my art room, and all 5 kids were able to convince grandma to buy them some goodies.  They cuddled up behind me, pulling their chairs close enough that eventually one little guy was pressing up against me.  All of them noisily munched on their chips with their mouths open, sucking their fingers loudly and groaning in delight.  Chip dust was flying, and I have a feeling that I got some in my hair!  I did ask them to scoot back a little, which they did for a few seconds, but then I figured that they were enjoying themselves so much that I would just bite my tongue and get the sketching over with as quickly as possible.  I can draw pretty fast when I want to with out altering the quality of my work, and so I cranked out those sketches in less than 5 minutes each.  "My goodness", grandma said, "you sure draw fast!" 

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  1. Oh I truly hate that....don't touch me! And I don't care how much they are enjoying themselves........MOVE THE CRAP BACK!