Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I am so sorry that I have not posted anything on my blog lately.  This summer and fall has been insane.  I had 17 shows, a new sip and paint company to run and my usual waiting list of commissions.  I have decided that no matter how busy I am, I am going to at least post something on here a few times a week, even if it is just to say hi and let you know what's going on.

As busy as I have been, I have been trying to devote at least  a half hour or more to study.  I use my facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Paintings-by-Emily-Christoff-354496231352637/ as a short blog post, so you can read some of my study there as well as see more of my recent work.

Today I devoted an hour to the study of William Merritt Chase.  I am pretty familiar with most impressionists, but found that I was very lacking in my know how about Chase.  He created some brilliant pastels that to my eye look very contemporary in their approach.  He was a teacher, the creator of an art school, father of 9 kids and a huge influence on many mid 20th century artists.  Here is just one of his pastels that I fell in love with.  After studying an artist I always print at least one of their paintings and stick it up on my studio wall.  I am going to print this one.

William Merritt Chase, Meditation, c. 1885/1886, pastel on paper, Private Collection
His rough treatment of the back ground surrounding the tight realism of her face reminds me of the work of David Kassan, one of my very favorite modern day painters.

Read more about Chase at http://artseverydayliving.com/blog/2012/10/arts-everyday-living-william-merritt-chase-artistic-companion-week-fast-facts/. or just google his name and enjoy the many images that will pop up.

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