Saturday, May 21, 2011

                                           "Halee and Leo"  Scherenschnitte. 16" x  20"  2008

Here is a lovely little scherenschnitte of my daughter Halee.  Scherenschnitte is a German word, meaning literally "paper snipping".  It was a very popular form of folk art in Germany, Poland, France and China long before it made the leap to the American Colonies around the mid 1600s".   The early American immigrants adorned their homes with paper cuttings using scraps of what ever paper they could find, and would glue them onto wood objects painted black.  They would also create lace like mantel piece decorations from cut paper and embellish their official documents such as birth certificates and wedding announcements, with cut paper designs. They would eventually create little tiny profile portraits cut out of black paper, called Silhouettes.  I loved these little creations so much that I started experimenting with them myself, but attempted to use a more contemporary composition and brighter colors. 

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