Saturday, July 26, 2014

"Silhouettes" and "Cards"

"Silhouettes" 8 x 10" Charcoal 
"Cards" 8 x 10 charcoal

"Cards 2" 16 x 20, Pastel
One day I joined a friend for a walk through Colonial Williamsburg.  I found these two young ladies sitting in a side building of the Wythe house, waiting for children to arrive to play colonial games and learn to cut silhouettes.  The light was bouncing all over the place and reflecting off of the white walls, so I snapped their photo.  I redrew the woman playing cards because I wanted to experiment with warm and cool light and reflective light and cool shadow.  The interior of the room was fabricated by using photos of the manor house at the Powhatan Plantation, located at the Historic Powhatan Resort, where I worked at the time.  I have a real love for that house and everything in it, so I enjoy incorporating it into my work. 

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