Thursday, August 7, 2014

"Inner Eye", Portrait, pastel

"Inner Eye"  Pastel, 2010
This is a rather old painting I did of my daughter Halee when she was a teen.  The eye on her forehead was symbolic of her metaphysical beliefs that she was just developing at this age.  My work since this time has become much more expressive, but I love the satin like finish of her skin and hair in this piece. I used the smooth surface of a tan sheet of Canson and did a lot of blending with my fingers.   You have to be very careful when blending pastel as it can become very muddy.

I am sorry that I do not yet have the size posted on the title, I need to pull it out of hiding and measure it.  I seem to remember that it was only about 12 or 14 inches high.  One of the reasons I never framed it is because it is not a standard size.  Since this time I have learned not to make paintings in non standard sizes.  Live and learn eh?

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