Friday, August 15, 2014

"Sheep With Intence Stare" 8 x 10" animals, pastel

"Sheep With Intence Stare" 8 x 10" animals, pastel, $150.00
First I adjusted my photo on photoshop until I was pleased with the composition.  If the composition, value scale and all that stuff isn't right, it doesn't matter how perfect I apply the pastel, the painting will flop.  For this reason my reference photo is often in sepia tones instead of full color.  This is what I use to lay down the value scale underpainting, then I  might go back to the color photo to reference the hue.  I don't always use local colors, but try to get the point across with using temperature.  The underpainting for this little guy was done with warm ochres and reds in hopes of making him glow from with in.  The intense moody stare was accidental, but I like it.  I should rename this, "Make My Day".

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