Friday, August 22, 2014

"Martha at Powhatan" 8 x 10" figure, charcoal,

"Martha at Powhatan"  8 x 10" figure, charcoal,
My friend Bonnie is an amazing costumed interpreter who portraits Martha Washington.  I snapped this photo of her after a show in a restaurant, but the background did not do her justice.  I used a photo of the Powhatan Manor House taken from one of the front rooms and placed her in front of it in the drawing.  Martha and George did visit the Powhatan Manor House on Ironbound road, and part of his signature is still thought to be visible from the left of the front door.  I work there at this house giving ghost tours and ghost hunting lessons, and I have a love affair with the property. I feature it quite often in my paintings.

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