Thursday, June 25, 2020

Is it greedy for artists to have a patron?

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Is it greedy for me to have a patron in order to make better art?

No, it is totally normal.  Read below to hear why..

I finally did it.  I am asking for patrons so that I can keep making art full time.  The Patreon site is cool because you can donate as little as $3 per month up to $50 per month and cancel any time.  I have 5 tiers with various prices and give aways.  Some of the things I will be giving away will be free classes, 30% off of all original work and free pet or people portraits.  I'll also be giving away signed and numbered giclee prints and all sorts of other really cool stuff.

Is it greedy to ask for patrons you ask?  Traditionally all artists had patrons.   Michaelangelo, Davinci, even van Gogh had popes, friends and family financially support them.  If not they would have needed to get a day job flipping burgers at some Renaissance marketplace.  After working 8 or more hours a day there is no way that Davinci would have been able to create the "Mona Lisa" It is extremely rare for an artist today to have this privilege. We are expected to have a day job then paint on our day off.

I have always been able to find art related jobs as I have mentioned in past blogs, but I know that if I were to go out and do that again that I would have to give up my dream.  I work at least 8 or more hours a day on my art during my quarantine unless I am sick or have a family thing.  I am just not willing to give that up, although lately I have given it serious thought. I have lost my entire income with the Covid19.

In years past I sketched profiles from life in about 10 minutes to buy the groceries.  When my body gave out I switched to teaching painting parties.  Both of those things seriously slowed the real art down.  The quarantine forced me to see what I should have been doing all along.  I should have been making art, teaching to serious students, studying and all of the other many things that go along with being an artist.

So please, if you have some spare change laying around become one of my patrons through Patreon.  I promise to give you services or products that far exceed your donation amount.  If you don't you will see me cashiering at the dollar store soon.

Here is my Patreon link.  Please tell me what you think?

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